From the creators of Australia's leading 4x4, adventure, camping, fishing and outdoors show - All 4 Adventure!

AN INTRODUCTION TO Keys 2 Adventure!

Keys 2 Adventure is the brainchild of Jase Andrews, who for 14 seasons has been exploring the Australian Outback as the host of the hit Channel 10 television show All 4 Adventure.

Running now in its second year, the Keys 2 Adventure trade promotion has been designed to give back to our loyal fans, offering them the chance to access hundreds of dollars of savings on All 4 Adventure, CampBoss, and CampBoss4x4 gear!

In addition to these All-Time savings, those who purchase a Keys 2 Adventure package will also receive their chance to win an amazing Major Prize!

The Keys 2 Adventure trade promotion is all for a good cause of course, as a portion of proceeds will be divided amongst three charities specifically chosen by Jase.

These charities do amazing work supporting both our farmers and the remote communities that Jase comes across during his adventures.

If you love adventure, discounted quality gear, supporting our favourite charities and entering the draw to win an ALL-TIME Major prize, then Keys 2 Adventure was made for you!


Valued at over $265,000!

Jase is giving away the keys to THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE LIFESTYLE thanks to the ‘Bush2Beach’ F150 + CrossTrak combo!

Leading the charge from the front is the BADASS 2019 F150 Lariat. Fitted with some of the best offroad gear and accessories from CampBoss4x4, Jase has taken this TOWING MACHINE to the NEXT LEVEL with performance upgrades to boost the power, economy and reliability of what was, lets face it, a BEAST out of the box to begin with.

Swinging off the back is the ALL NEW 14 foot Jayco CrossTrak, an absolute unit of an off-road hybrid. It’s tough as nails on the outside and comfortable as home on the inside! When easily towed behind the F150, you’ve got everything you need for an unreal adventure somewhere off the beaten track.

So whether you're camping at the bush or hanging out here at the beach, this is the perfect setup!

To gain your chances to win this once in a lifetime build, simply purchase a Keys 2 Adventure trade promotion package now by following the links.




Keys 2 Adventure has combined forces with All 4 Adventure, CampBoss and CampBoss4x4 to give our loyal fans limited access to some epic discounts on a wide range of gear!

Did you know that the brand mission for CampBoss and CampBoss4x4 is to create 'Quality Gear made with Quality Components'?

All of the products are created based on Jase's lifetime of experience travelling around the country in his 4WD, exploring some of the harshest and most remote corners of the outback.

The gear has to be built tough, to not only withstand these conditions but to also make the trip from point A to point B enjoyable.

Whether it be cooking gear, 4WD recovery gear, multi-tools, tyre repair kits and more - the Keys 2 Adventure trade promotion will offer limited access to epic savings so that you too can enjoy using this quality gear without breaking the bank.

Throw in the opportunity to win a Major Prize, and you'll understand why Keys 2 Adventure is the next big thing in the 4WD and Adventure community!


The Keys 2 Adventure trade promotion is All-Time! Purchasing a package gives you:

  • A number of chances to win the major prize! - the 'Bush 2 Beach' F150 + CrossTrak combo

  • Limited access to epic savings on a variety of CampBoss and CampBoss4x4 gear!

  • A portion of proceeds will go to charities that are working to support remote & rural farming communities.


During the first Keys 2 Adventure Trade Promotion, Jase sat down and provided a candid interview on why Keys 2 Adventure means so much to him.


Jase is excited to use the Keys 2 Adventure trade promotion to raise money for rural and remote communities.

As you know, Jase loves getting off the beaten track and getting out-back, so he is going to give-back (pardon the pun)!

A portion of proceeds from the Keys 2 Adventure trade promotion will go to three Aussie charities that do great work supporting our farmers and remote communities. These charities are really close to Jase’s heart, and he is glad that they are there to support him and the team should he ever come unstuck out in the sticks.

These charities are:

Careflight, who save lives by providing the highest standard of aeromedical pre-hospital critical care.

Drought Angels, who provide direct and timely financial assistance, essential resources and meaningful relief for Primary Producers across Australia impacted by drought and natural disasters.

Outback Futures, who work with outback communities to bring about long lasting, positive changes in mental health and wellbeing.