Keys 2 Adventure trade promotion is now closed

Major Prize Draw Closes: 5pm AEST 18th July 2021   |   Drawn: 3pm AEST 25th July 2021


Last year, Jase gave away his DREAM TRUCK — the 'Back in Black' 79 Series LandCruiser!! One lucky fan took home the keys to the ULTIMATE ADVENTURE MACHINE as the major prize for the first Keys 2 Adventure trade promotion!

In this exclusive, we provide an update on what this lucky Keys 2 Adventure winner has been up to since his life changing win!


Keys 2 Adventure has combined forces with All 4 Adventure, CampBoss and CampBoss4x4 to give our loyal fans limited access to some epic discounts on a wide range of gear!

Did you know that the brand mission for CampBoss and CampBoss4x4 is to create 'Quality Gear made with Quality Components'?

All of the products are created based on Jase's lifetime of experience travelling around the country in his 4WD, exploring some of the harshest and most remote corners of the outback.

The gear has to be built tough, to not only withstand these conditions but to also make the trip from point A to point B enjoyable.

Whether it be cooking gear, 4WD recovery gear, multi-tools, tyre repair kits and more - the Keys 2 Adventure trade promotion will offer limited access to epic savings so that you too can enjoy using this quality gear without breaking the bank.

Throw in the opportunity to win a Major Prize, and you'll understand why Keys to Adventure is the next big thing in the 4WD and Adventure community!